My studio

I work in a fluid, expressive style to portray the atmosphere of a place and time rather than topographical detail. I enjoy experimenting by incorporating other materials and mediums with watercolour and acrylic and often use charcoal, pastel, wax and sand enhance my work.

The East Anglian coast and big skies provide an unending source of inspiration. These vast stretches of coastal space extending away to the horizon gives me a sense of freedom and peace and it's these feelings that I strive to recreate in my work. I'm constantly drawn back again and again to the coastline and on a calm day I can sit on the beach for hours gazing out to sea daydreaming and being lulled by the sound of the sea rolling backwards and forwards over the pebbles.

In my recent larger paintings on canvas, the beach has been taking on a more physical presence with lots of sandy texture.

Over the past few years my work is becoming more seasonal, seas in the summer and trees with vivid autumnal colours in the winter.

I completed a BA Hons. in Fine Art in the 1980’s at Stourbridge in the West Midlands and, after several years working for Bosch Lawn and Garden in a sales and marketing role, I returned to study for an MA in Fine Art at the Norwich University of the Arts and graduated in 2009.

I now live in North Norfolk and run the Art House Café in Cromer.